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Aubrey Marlette, Founder

Intuitive Life Coach | Business Coach | Circle Facilitator

Contact: Serendipity Life Design, LLC

Rachel Hipp

Hypnotherapist | Psychotherapist | Reiki Practitioner 

Contact: Heart In Balance Counseling & Hypnotherapy


Dicia Horner 

Money Mindset & Strategy Coach

Dicia specialize in helping individuals and families take the intimidation out of their finances. Money is an EXTREMELY emotional thing, and most are never taught how to manage it well.  Dicia helps take the intimidation out of your finances through a customized Financial Needs Analysis of your situation. This process takes around 90 minutes, is completely complimentary, and ALWAYS make people feel more in control of their money, situation, and what to do moving forward.

Contact: 269-650-6976 (text is fine)

Katie Prudon

Herbalist | Plant Educator | Woven Collective

Contact: Woven Apothecary

Laura Masters

Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner | Energy Worker | Channel | Designer

Laura is a quantum hypnosis practitioner, starseed, energy worker, channeler, and designer.  She started hearing spirit when she was a young child although she didn't connect the dots of her purpose until much later.  She had a period where her gifts were shut down and went on an incredible spiritual journey of remembering starting 10 years ago.  She absolutely loves facilitating sessions with clients to move past any physical symptoms, past life residue, or emotional imbalances to align them to their soul purpose. | 989-225-8123

Marianna Johnson

Branding Photographer for Spiritual Entrepreneurs 

Marianna helps to capture the Soul Essence of you and the healing you provide through your business. 

Contact: (810) 965-7203 | Marianna Johnson Photography

Kaylee Koslowske, Thai Yoga Therapist 

Kaylee's UNITY: Understanding Nutrition, Intention, Thai Yoga
Practitioner of SomaVeda® traditional Thai Yoga and integrated therapies 
Thai Yoga therapy is a unique hands-on healing modality that assists in releasing physical, emotional and spiritual blockages interfering with health. I use traditional techniques in 1-on-1 sessions to move the client's whole body in different postures, incorporating accupressure points, energy meridians, and meditative breathing to open the circulation pathways physically within the body (nerves, tissues, airways); emotionally between body, mind, spirit; and inter-personally with direct human connection.
FB: Kaylee's UNITY []

Kristina Hankamp, Professional Organizer 

Kristina is a professional organizer specializing in home organization. She understands how physical clutter can create a feeling of restlessness and emotional stress. Kristina is dedicated to helping people regain a sense of ease through decluttering and organization. She has experience working with individuals, couples and families in all areas of a home, including garages and basements.

Unleash Offer: 25% off first session

Instagram: @actualizeorganizing

Shell Stoll, Branding & Design Expert

Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Branding Specialist

Shell is a versatile artist who works both illustratively and as a graphic designer. She has designed and illustrated many products that have been sold in stores like Target, At Home, Neiman Markus, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walmart and others.

Currently, she has combined her love of illustration & design into a new business centered around creating fresh logos & branding for small local businesses.


[email protected]

Dawn Hamilton

Certified Health Coach | Raw Food Chef | Yoga Instructor | Reiki Practitioner

Encompassing You is a lifestyle brand where Dawn coaches you to incorporate The Three Pillars of Nourishment into your life at your own pace. She is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Double Certified Raw Food Chef from the Creative Health Institute, and a Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practitioner. She is passionate about teaching people how to reach elevated health with plant based nutrition (meat eaters welcome), nourishment to the soul, and embracing the power of movement. 

Contact: Encompassing You Website 


Rise Wellness, Chiropractic

Rise Wellness focuses on family wellness through chiropractic care.  Both Dr. Annie and Dr. Rachel are specially trained in prenatal and pediatric care, and are passionate about serving young families.   

Anna Smith, Life Coach

Anna's practice emphasizes working towards wholehearted living through the cultivation of healthy risk taking. She is here for you, to help you discover the blocks that have been holding you back and to assist you in uncovering and utilizing the powers within you in order to reach the goals that you create for yourself.


Allison Hanks


Hair-Stylist | Reiki Practitioner | Organic Hair Color
Allison is a a heart-centered hair stylist who infuses reiki upon request. She uses organic hair color.
Contact: 616-647-4165

Tina Derusha, Breathwork Facilitator

Breathwork Facilitator | Portrait Photographer
Tina is the Founder of Luna Zen, a holistic and energetic Breathwork practice. Her passion is teaching creative souls empowered breathing techniques that help awaken the artist within and give life to inspired work that matters. She is also a photographer specializing in making killer portraits of women. Where creativity, community, and healing practices come together, Tina shines.

Kate Benson

Yoga | Meditation | Studio Rental | Sound Healing

Kate is the owner of Grand Rapids Yoga Company. She offers private and group yoga sessions, sound healing and lunar consciousness sessions.


[email protected]

(616) 443-0080